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Nights Away – Residential Experiences (Modules 16 and 38) – PART 2

Between: 1st July 2022 - 3rd July 2022 All Day Event Location: Kinver Scout Camp LTM: Val Leddington

This is Part 2 of 2 weekends.  Both weekends need to be attended.

Over the course of these two weekends, we will cover Introduction to Residential Experiences (Module 16) and Skills for Residential Experiences (Module 38).

Delivered by experienced leaders across all the Sections, we’ll cover:

  • how the Nights Away Permit Scheme works
  • why Nights Away are such an important part of what we do in Scouts
  • the planning process for a Nights Away experience (this includes anything from a one-night Sleepover at your headquarters or in a museum or other attraction, right up to a two-week long international expedition, and everything in between.
  • selecting venues
  • programme planning
  • catering / cooking
  • equipment, how it works and how to care for it,
  • staffing
  • wellbeing, health and safety,
  • and a host of practical skills you will find useful as you plan and deliver different types of residential experiences.

The course takes place over two weekends, this allows for learning the theory and having a go at planning on the first weekend, followed by putting it into practice on the second weekend.  We want to be out of the classroom and in the real world, giving you the confidence to take this learning and start planning a residential experience and applying for your Nights Away Permit.

To book on this course, please contact our County Training Administrator –, including your full name, membership number, role and Group/District.

The closing date for bookings for this course is 1st June 2022

Kinver Scout Camp

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