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You may have heard the words “Compliance” or “Mandatory Ongoing Learning”.  There are some pieces of training that you must do as part of your adult volunteering.  This is to help ensure that you have the knowledge you need to run safe Scouting for our young people.

You need to do some of these once at the beginning of your role, while others need to be renewed every three years to keep you up-to-date.

Nearly all adult roles require Safety and Safeguarding, and these need to be renewed every three years.

Many roles, particularly where you are likely to be responsible for a group of young people or adults, are also expected to maintain an up-to-date First Aid qualification.

Some other areas of compliance include:

  • completing your Getting Started Training within the first five months of taking on a new appointment.
  • completing Wood Badge training within the first three years of a new appointment (for roles where Wood Badge training is applicable).
  • having an appointment review when due (this date is on your Compass record).
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