County Volunteer Vacancies

County Volunteer Vacancies

Scouting is constantly growing across Hereford and Worcester and this is made possible by adult volunteer award-winning training and one-to-one support, we make sure that everyone gets to make the best use of their skills and talents.

Whether you are in the thick of activities with a group of young people or working behind the scenes in a management, trustee or support role. Our approach focuses on what you want to get out of volunteering with Scouts, while respecting how much time you can offer.

Take a look at our vacancies below:

Deputy County Commissioner (Perception)

The Deputy County Commissioner (Perception), working with members across the County, for promoting our brand values, delivering positive external communications, publicising scouting’s modern vibrant appeal, ensure that our communities know that scouting exists and how their children can access it.The role is open to anyone interested in developing media and communications provision and no previous scouting experience is required.

Assistant County Commissioner (Inclusion and Diversity)

The Assistant County Commissioner (Diversity and Inclusion), working in tandem with members the County Diversity and Inclusion Team, coordinates support for inclusive and diverse Scouting in the County and will be supported by the County Commissioner, Robert Sidley, the County Team and County Executive Committee.The role is open to anyone interested in promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion and no previous scouting experience is required.

Role Description for Deputy County Commissioner for Perception

Role description for Assistant County Commissioner for Diversity and Inclusion

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls