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County Archery Competition

Between: 1st March 2022 - 31st August 2022 Location: Your Archery Range Sections: Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts

We are running a Youth County Archery Competition from 1st March until 31st August.

Scores will be recorded online and the top archers will be invited to compete on the “Finals Day” –  24th September 2022.

How to enter

Run an archery session for your young people and record their scores over 7 rounds (42 arrows).

Rounds can be coached and you can give assistance as you normally would, but it would be good if the final round was with as little assistance as possible.

Scores will be collected from all over the county and archers will be put into leagues depending on numbers taking part. Leagues will be set on archery ability not age or section.

Taking Part

Every time you run another archery session you should collect scores from the archers completing a round without any assistance. This could be you choosing when the competition round is or the archer saying they are ready to complete a competition round.
Log onto the website and enter the scores for your archers.


  1. Archers must be members of Groups registered with Scouts Hereford & Worcester and be supported by a Scout Association Archery Permit Holder
  2. Entrants must be under 18yrs of age on 1st March
  3. Scoring rounds will be shot using Recurve bows in the Barebow style
  4. Scoring rounds will be on a range size of 10 metres minimum distance
  5. Scoring rounds will be shot using a standard FITTA target face with a maximum size of 60cm diameter
  6. Bows must not exceed a draw weight of 25lbs
  7. Archers will be seeded by completing 7 rounds and recording their scores
  8. Competition rounds will be entered on at least 2 separate dates
  9. Rounds will be shot without any coaching assistance during the round
  10. Scores will be adjudicated by an Archery Permit Holder, or a responsible person assigned by them to the role of scorer/judge
  11. All arrows that break the line will be given the higher scoring zone
  12. Archers must complete 8 scoring rounds and have these scores entered onto the competition website between 1st March and 31st August 2022


  • Try and run several archery sessions over a period of time; you can do all 8 rounds in a short period if this works better with your programme, but there should be activity on a minimum of 2 days
  • You can add new archers if people want to join in after March, but they will just need to shoot more scoring rounds per session to catch up
  • When a scoring round is being shot, use a clean target face if possible, to enable accurate scoring
  • Try to get the young people to decide when they want to complete a competition round, but we understand that sometimes you may need to steer them into completing a round without assistance
  • We are relying on your trustworthiness and being consistent in the way you score to make this work and be fun and exciting for the young people involved.

Access to Scores

You and the archers will be able to see how they are doing in the county leagues by accessing the password-controlled website. You’ll be able to see your archer’s full names, but other permit holders will only see a group name and the archer’s initials. Should you not want to give out this information your archers can be given a default setting and generic name instead.

Finals Day

The top archers will receive an invite to Finals Day at Kinver in late September. How many get a place will depend on numbers and how many leagues we have, but we are hoping for 3 leagues of about 20 to 30 archers and the top 8 from each league attending the finals. We may also have a few wild card places for best improvers from each league or if someone did not complete all 8 rounds but scored highly in those they did complete. You will be able to email me to recommend archers for these places along with the reasons why you feel they should be offered a place.


You will need to supply archers attending Finals Day with the equipment they have been using throughout the competition, but we will have spares on hand to deal with anything that goes wrong on the day.
It is a recurve competition, so no compound bows to be used – Barebow style means no sights or weights added to the bow.
We have set a maximum weight at 25lbs this is to protect young people from damage to muscles and ligaments, it is recommended adult beginners do not draw above 18lbs and we hope you adhere to recommended draw weights for age but we may have members that are in a club and are shooting with higher draw weights and this is why this limit is set above 18lbs, but please be sensible with equipment issued to your members. Good form, not power wins competitions.
We’ve recommended FITTA targets: these are the ones with 2 rings of White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold. Scoring will be 1 to 10 score increasing from outer to inner Rings. We have chosen a 60cm Face as we feel this is a good size that will suit most ranges throughout the county but if you have a problem providing this target size then please get in touch and see if we can help solve your problem or allow a target that you use.

GDPR – Data Collection and how the information is used

To enter archers, email me at with a spreadsheet or record showing your archers’ full names, age, section, group and district along with their scores for the first 42 arrows. (I have a spreadsheet set up for this using excel if you would like this).
The information for age, section, etc. will be used to determine if this format works in the future and will only be shared with those involved with county roles or within the competition leadership team.
We will use archers’ scores from this year to set the leagues for 2023 and you will just be able to add any new archers to the current details. The 2023 season may also be longer, potentially running from November to August.

Next steps

If you want to take part, then drop an email to so that we know how many groups are looking to take part. Then, run a session and collect and return the seeding information.
Once we have received a good percentage of groups seedings, we will start collating archers into leagues. and will email you back by the end of March with your login details for the league’s website and details of how to enter scores. But you can start collecting scores before you receive this should you have a session planned in early March.

We hope to extend this in future years and have a sighted league and a league for adults if these may interest you, please give some feedback during the year.

Final Note

This is a new event for us and this year is a trial run so please try to work with us. We know it is a very basic format, but we are doing this as a way of promoting archery and giving you a tool to keep young people interested in the activity you run. Please remember we are a team of volunteers just like you – we are happy to take feedback and want to get things better in future years, but try to be positive and maybe offer suggestions for solutions. Just telling us something didn’t work or wasn’t good may have the effect that we don’t continue with this into the future and then it’s your young people that will miss out.

Tim Scott
Archery Advisor
Scouts Hereford & Worcester

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