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County Scouting Day for Senior Volunteers

Date: 25th June 2022 Location: Worcester Cricket Club
Over the coming months there are a number of changes coming to Scouting, ranging from the membership system, recruitment processes, onboarding of volunteers and roles for managers. These changes will affect how we Scout both nationally and locally.
I am inviting you to attend our County Scouting Day for senior volunteers. It will give us chance to meet, reflect and plan for the future. I will be able to confirm some of the changes, timelines, the comings and goings… Importantly, I want you to help us shape the County to support Districts to support Groups to support our people.
If you can’t make it yourself, it would be great to see a Group or District representative in your place. I leave that to your discretion.
Open to: DCs, Group & District Chairs, GSLs, County Team Roles
Location: Worcester Cricket Club, Worcester
Date: Saturday 25th June
Agenda (to be confirmed)
The agenda matches the BaseCamp event where the new national strategy for the next 5 years will be launched.
10:00 – Tea & Coffee
10:15 County Welcome
1030 National Approaches to Volunteering
1130 Plenary Workshops
1230 Lunch (provided)
1330 The County Approaches
1430 Adult Journeys and Support
1530 Making Sure We Do it Right
1630 End
I really do hope you can make it and strongly encourage you to do so. We are stronger together and this meeting is important to help build and maintain Scouting in our communities and to move us forward.
Please let us know you are coming by completing this form by 30th April 2022
Yours in Scouting,


Worcester Cricket Club

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