Leader Shooting Instructor Training SOLD OUT

Between: 2nd November 2019 - 3rd November 2019 Location: Kinver Scout Training Camp


National Small-bore Rifle Association – Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor’s Diploma.

This equips candidates to run have-a-go sessions in air rifle shooting and also to take young people for introduction to shooting over a longer period. It is the standard qualification used by the Scout Association and is written into Scout POR’s (operating procedures).

The qualification lasts for five years but can then be renewed via NSRA. At the point of renew a full logbook must be presented.

Topics Covered –




Range construction

Basic shooting skills


Session plans

Scoring targets and competition

Shooting games

Further details from – The Kinver Camp Warden – 07736 378965 or office@kinvercamp.org.uk

Kinver Scout Training Camp

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