Online Scout Manager Workshop

Date: 24th March 2019 Location: Bishop Perowne High School, Worcester

Whilst technically training, this is being hosted as an event and appears here separately.

A training session to explain how OSM works and provide a hands on go within the system. Each participant will have their own computer to work on.

It will include:

  • Creating Membership Records
  • Adding Custom Criteria
  • Event Management – creating events and managing budgets and other information through the system
  • Using Programme Planners
  • Adding Badges
  • Using it to manage stocks and equipment
  • Section Planning
  • Waiting list
  • Other features

This is the first training session we are running. If successful we will offer others at later dates. We are limiting attendance to 30 people on a first come first served basis.

If this is successful or a greater demand for tickets we will put on other events.

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Bishop Perowne High School, Worcester

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