Operation Bald Eagle – Postponed

Between: 8th October 2021 - 10th October 2021 Location: Rhydd Covert Campsite Sections: Scouts

OBE 2020 – Postponed

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent survey and for all your complimentary comments. We asked for opinions on running OBE in October 2020, March 2021 and/or October 2021. Your replies suggested that whenever we mount an OBE event you would come along. It is very gratifying to know that the OBE Team presents a super scouting event that has been enjoyed by so many young people and their Leaders.

Following the latest information available from ScoutsHQ and the UK Government, the team has decided that it is not possible to run OBE this October. Social distancing requirements would make the team element of the event very challenging. Furthermore, the current Amber status of Scouting in England prevents overnight camping and large scale events taking place. These restrictions mean that the format of the event would need to change drastically and need a lot of work behind the scenes.

Looking forward to 2021, the County has arranged ShireHike in March, a challenge event for Scouts, Explorers and Network. The OBE Team has been asked to support this by running a base, which we are happy to do. However, it would not be appropriate to run OBE in March as well.

So, we are planning to run OBE 2021 on the weekend of October 8-10th (restrictions permitting)

Depending on the status of UK Scouting at the time we may have to make adjustments to suit restrictions, but, with time on our side, we are happy to do this.

The OBE Organising Team is very disappointed that there won’t be an OBE event until October 2021. Be assured, however, OBE 2021 will be better than ever with some new tweaks! I look forward to seeing you there.

Ann Clark, July 2020


We’ll update here when we have posters and booking forms for the 2021 event. Please check back in spring 2021…

Rhydd Covert Campsite

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