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Kinver Challenge

2020 Kinver Challenge (lockdown edition!)

The Kinver Challenge is a yearly challenge badge that you can earn whilst staying with us. However, as we are currently amid a pandemic, this years challenge have been adjusted so you can complete it at home!

To earn the Kinver Challenge badge you must earn 1000 points by completing any of the mini challenges shown below.

The challenge is open to any member of Scouts or Girlguiding. If you stayed with us earlier this year (2020) you can backdate to complete the mini challenges.

• Own at least 1 Kinver Camp badge (show us which one you have!) – 50 points
• Share your favourite memory from being at Kinver Camp on Social Media with the hashtag #KinverCampMemories (Either screenshot your post or tag us so we can see) – 75 points
• Send us a photo you have taken of wildlife on our campsite – 50 points
Create a camp gadget using knots and lashings (send us a photo) – 150 points
• Design or make a totem pole (send us photos or your finished master piece or design) – 100 points
• Name 5 trees you can find on our site and research their Latin names – 50 points
• Take part in one of our outdoor activities on site (or send us a picture/video from a previous visit in 2020) – 150
• Be able to tie yourself in for climbing (you can do this at home! Find some spare rope, create a figure of 8 knot, loop the other end of the rope through one of your belt loops, re-thread the figure of 8 and take a picture. Easy!) – 75 points
• Correctly answer the following questions:             – 50 points
– In what year will Kinver Camp celebrate it’s 100 years?
– What is the name of the building that is also known as the office?
– What year was Kinver Camp officially sold to Hereford & Worcester Scouts by Major Webb?
– Who officially opened the Chief’s Lodge at Kinver Camp in 1935?
– What year was our activity tower built?
– What year was the 1st Pathfinder camp held at Kinver Camp?
• Come up with a suitable Target Sports game (remember to follow Scouting/Girlguiding rules regarding Target shapes!) – 75 points
• Cook your dinner on an open fire (provide photos and a recipe for us to try!) – 100 points
• Design your dream indoor accommodation that you would love for us to have available at Kinver Camp (You can draw your design or make a 3D model from an old cardboard box) – 75 points
• Practice your pioneering! Create a structure (not a gadget) of your choice and send us a photo. For this challenge we will accept less traditional pioneering skills. Why not try using cocktail sticks and sweets to make a structure… – 100 points
• Write a short fiction story that we can share in our story telling circle. It can be about anything but if it’s based at the camp, that would be amazing! But please keep it to less than 500 words. – 75 points
• Lend a hand! Write down how you have helped a member of your household at least once every day for a week. – 75 points
• Take part in a campfire with your group! (some groups have ran virtual campfires, why not suggest it to your leader!) – 75 points
• Spend a night in a tent outside. You can’t back date this one I’m afraid! Your overnight in a tent must be completed after May 1st, 2020. Try camping in your garden #CampAtHome – 75 points
• Complete an Activity/Interest Badge at home. Show us how you’ve continued to Scout/Guide at home. – 75 points
• Create an assault course and complete it – 50 points
• Make a shelter/den out of items in your household or garden (blankets, chairs, fallen branches, tarp, etc). It must be big enough for you to comfortably lie down and sit up inside. – 50 points     Stay in it overnight – 75 points
• How good is your memory? You have one minute to draw a map of Kinver Camp as you remember it. Go! – 50 points
• Make a Camp mascot to bring with you on your next visit – 75 points
• Run an activity session at Kinver Camp as an Instructor – 200 points
• Give back.
Have you helped us at the site with some service work this year? If so you get – 250 points!


Once you’ve completed enough of the challenges to earn 1000 points please email us your completed challenges –

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls