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History of Kinver Scout Camp

1921 Permission to use “Compa Wood” (known locally as “The Scout Wood”) was granted by Major Harcourt Webb and it was mainly used as a District Camp for the Dudley area, then part of Worcestershire.
1926 Work started on the two storey Log Cabin of Canadian design to be offered to BP as his lodge. “Pop” Edwards of the 7th Dudley, an ex-lumberjack, was in charge of the construction. The carvings on the eaves were by Bewdley Rovers.
1935 Lady Baden-Powell officially opened the “Chief’s Lodge” and the occasion was attended by hundred of scouts.
1937 A visit was made by Lord Baden-Powell to see his lodge and trees were planted in the camp to mark the occasion.
1939 – 1945 During World War Two, the camp was controlled by volunteers from surrounding Districts.
1948 The Kinver Camp Rover Crew was formed. Two Totem poles were carved by the Bewdley Rover Crew supervised by Frank Lowe (Crew Leader) and installed at the camp entrance. Jim Jukes was appointed ADC, Kinver Camp Warden.
1950 A stone fireplace and chimney were built by the Kinver Rover Crew in the Chief’s Lodge.
1956 The first activity weekend known as “Tedanti” was organised with about fifty Scouts taking part.
1959 The “Don Vince” hut was built to house the Camp Warden and Crew and a Camp Shop was opened. Electricity was installed to the camp. Girl Guides were officially allowed to camp at Kinver, thanks to Sandy Fleming and Jim Jukes.
1964 First “Pathfinder” for Scouts and Guides, allowing eighty young people to take part in a weekend of activities.
1965 Jim Jukes was appointed ACC Kinver Camp Warden by Group Captain Arthur De Sallis (Hereford and Worcestershire).
1966 The BP Guild (ex Kinver Rovers) built a hut on the site (now named “the Jim Jukes Cabin”) as a base to assist on Camp and to raise funds for Camp Projects.
1974 Erection of new toilet block funded from sponsored walks by Scout and Guide Groups.
1977 to 1980 The BP Guild built an extension to the Chief’s Lodge with logs from Major Michael Webb’s plantations.
1983 Official opening of extended Chief’s Lodge by BP’s daughter, The Hon. Betty Clay.
1984 Water service extended to camping areas and Crew installed an incinerator for waste.
1988 Dave Tomlinson appointed ACC Kinver Camp Warden
1991 Replacements for original Totem Poles erected on Camp.// Official opening by the Chief Scout, Major Michael Webb and his daughter.
1992 Major Michael Webb  gave Hereford and Worcester Scout County the opportunity to purchase the “Scout Wood”.
1993 Camp Management approved the project to provide overnight accommodation for at the time the precpetion of “Disabled” people, the building was named “The Harcourt Webb Centre”.
1996 “The Harcourt Webb Centre” opened by the Chief Scout, Major Michael Webb. A day room extension added to the centre in 1998.
1999 Campfire Shelter refurbished with steel chimney supports.
2001 Drainage system installed at the camp to allow for the Log Cabin Toilets to be installed.
2002 “Albert All” erected and officially opened.
2004 The activity tower was erected. Laundry Room installed.
2007 World Scout Centenary Jamboree Camp held at Kinver.
2011 Don Vince Hut” extended to include toilets and Showers. Gas Central Heating installed in Don Vince Hut, Harcourt Webb Centre.
2016 New large toilet block with laundry facility build. Old toilet block mothballed
Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls