Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Please see below for some changes in mandatory ongoing learning policy.

1) From September 2020, The Scouts requre more roles to undertake mandatory ongoing learning (Safety and Safeguarding).

2) The renewal period for mandatory ongoing learning will be reducing from 5 years to 3 years to ensure that everybody is up to date.

3) From September Safeguarding and Safety training will no longer be part of Essential Information (1) so new appointments will need to do the separate training as part of Getting Started.

4) The online Safeguarding training has already been updated and the Safety training will be updated in September.  These will no longer be offered as face-to-face courses, only as e-learning.

5) First Aid / First Response training is also currently being reviewed, watch this space!

Safety training can be accessed here.

Safeguarding training can be accessed here.

First Aid training should be updated every three years and all leaders should hold a minimum of First Response.  If you are still in date, you can do a refresher course rather than the full course, but you should update with a full course next time.

N.B. We are aware that due to the Covid crisis we have a large backlog of expired First Response.  We will be putting on as many courses as possible to catch up with the backlog, please book on as soon as you are able.

First Aid qualifications from elsewhere.  Many of our volunteers also do First Aid training through their workplace.  We do recognise these qualifications but they must meet the minimum content requirements of First Response: explains this:


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