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Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Nearly all adult roles in Scouting are required to maintain up-to-date training in Safety and Safeguarding. This should be updated every three years. Click the images below to access the online training.

Safety training online
On completion of each module, please take a screenshot or photo of your certificate to update your training record. Your record can be updated by your Training Advisor, Group Scout Leader, Commisioner, Local Training Manager or by emailing it to or

In addition, many roles should also maintain First Aid training to a minimum of First Response every three years.

To check whether your role requires First Aid training, see the Appointments Table.

More information on minimum requirements for First Aid and what other training courses may be acceptable can be found here.

N.B. We are aware that due to the Covid crisis we have a large backlog of expired First Response.  We will be putting on as many courses as possible to catch up with the backlog, please book on as soon as you are able.  We are currently looking at putting on some online Theory courses which will be followed by practical courses as soon as we are able.  You will need to attend both parts.

First Aid qualifications from elsewhere.  Many of our volunteers also do First Aid training through their workplace.  We do recognise these qualifications but they must meet the minimum content requirements of First Response. Please pass your work or other external First Aid certificate to your Local Training Manager or to who will pass it on to one of our County First Aid trainers to verify that it covers the syllabus.  They may be in touch to fill in any gaps with you.

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