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Occasional and New Group and District Badges

Occasional and New Group and District Badges

If you want to wear an occasional badge on your uniform, you have a new group, a new badge for the group or District, then you need approval from the County Commissioner. It’s a fairly simple process; just send the design in. If it fails you will get the feedback. Though, to help you, here are some pointers…

  • Occasional badges must feature the Scout logo
  • Don’t use the WOSM logo
  • Keep the design simple
  • Use upper case letters if possible
  • Use colours that complement each other so that the lettering is easily readable
  • Use adventurous and exciting images
  • Use good contrast images


Follow Scout brand guidelines.This is the preferred Scout logo, with adequate spacing – The logo must always be one colour. Usually, this will be Scout purple or black on a light background or white on a dark background.  Occasionally the logo could be in a Scout Secondary colour.

Protected Scout logos, names, badges and awards | Scouts

Scout Logo to be used


The WOSM badge being used is technically copyrighted.  The World Scout Badge is not permitted for use other than as a membership badge.  It is the property of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement and can only be used with express written permission.

File:Scout Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Do not use this protected logo without permission from WOSM

Scout and Section Logo 
The Scout and Section logo files can be obtained from the Scout Brand Centre. 

Brand guidelines 
Further information about the Scout brand can be found on

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