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We want to be prepared for anything, so First Aid training is important for our adult volunteers.

All Section and Assistant Section Leaders, as well as supporters and managers need to have an up-to-date First Aid qualification.  This should be to the minimum standard of the Scout and Guide First Response course.  There are a few different ways that you can achieve this:

  1. 6-hour First Response course.  This incorporates Module 10A – which is the theory aspect, and Module 10B which is the practical part.  They may be delivered both together in a 6-hour face-to-face course, or could be delivered via 3 x 2-hour Zooms for 10A, followed by a short practical session for 10B.  To see if there are any of these courses coming up, check our training calendar.  Some may also be available from your District, which your Local Training Manager will inform you of.
  2. A Blended First Response Course  This starts with Part 1 – 2.5 hours of e-learning which you can do in your own time. (Hosted by Hampshire Scouts – start here).  Next, Part 2 is a 2.5 hour facilitated Zoom session to embed the theory and give it a Scouting context, completing Module 10A.  Finally, a short practical face-to-face session to demonstrate CPR and the recovery position (10B).  To find the next available Part 2 or 10B session, check our training calendar.

If you have a First Aid qualification from the workplace, this may well meet the requirements of the First Response course.  However, some qualifications (even those with longer courses) do not cover the whole syllabus of the First Response, and may miss some things that are important for Scouts.  If possible, show your trainer the First Response criteria and ask them if they can add some coverage of any areas not covered by their course.  If not, have a chat with any of our First Aid trainers, and we’ll talk you through any areas your qualification is missing.  The full list of criteria is here.

If you would like to become a First aid Trainer in Scouting information is available at this link;  Becoming a First Aid Trainer



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