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Photography at County Events

Photography at County Events

The Scouts Hereford and Worcester County run events which are all classed as large-scale event where the volume of attendees is high, and the event is spread over a large area. It is a reasonable expectation that photography, video and audio will be captured at such events  and that the digital assets will have minimal impact on the individuals in question.

Image capture from a leader or adult acting on behalf of Scouts Hereford and Worcester will where practicable inform individuals of our intentions with regards to photography, video and audio at the point of entry or around the event area, this will be as visual signage or literature handed out around or even before the event.

Therefore, we will let participants know that we have a legitimate interest to create digital assets and provide the opportunity for people to express their wishes.

A release form for images is not a legal requirement, as the copyright of an image belongs to the photographer and not the subject, nevertheless, it is considered best practice and is a good way to prove consent for managing personal data. A written log and evidence of consent will be maintained where images are taken of smaller groups or individuals through verbal consent. In most cases this will be provided directly by the designated leader or camp staff capturing the digital assets.

Scouting needs publicity and a picture is worth a thousand words. A newspaper photographer attending a Scout event will usually request that the imagery they capture is accompanied by the names of the individuals in the photographs. The County will ensure that consent is obtained by them using a release form in advance in order to avoid any confusion or disappointment. We will contact persons appropriately to manage this.

If parents or guardians explicitly state images cannot be taken of their child, we can not guarantee this is in large gatherings or groups. The child needs to be informed of this and a separate request to be sent to the County team organising the event.
Young people should never be consciously made to feel excluded, therefore group and district leaders need to:
  • confirm with parents and carers that the young person who cannot have photographs is either aware of this or not.

Where practicable official photographers will attempt:

  • not to take a photograph of an entire group and exclude one person, rather take photographs in smaller groups so that less attention is drawn to the young person who cannot be in photographs.
  • to consider splitting the activity group up into two and the photographer can photograph the group where everyone has given consent across all activities.

To help us manage these processes, those who have restrictions on media collection may be identified through different coloured lanyards or wristbands. We may ask for a photograph of a child/ adult who does not wish to have media released or publication, cannot for legal reasons or parent/ guardian objects to compare to images prior to publication.

In relation to the storage of photographs and media, they will be held in compliance to the GDPR policies of Scouts Hereford and Worcester found at

ANY Images that we hold from such events may be used at our discretion on Social Media or for other Scouting promotion purposes. Please refer to our Data policies on the handling and storage of these photographs and videos.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact us

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