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Delivering a Quality Programme – 12A

Date: 6th Sep 2020 Author: Mel Brammer

Delivering a quality programme – Wednesday 16th September, 7.30 – 9.30pm, ONLINE via Zoom. 

wood badgeWant to know more about how a quality programme is put together for the different sections?  Need some guidance on making best use of Young Leaders and making sure that your programme is shaped by the young people?  This training will look at all this and more and will cover the learning for Module 12A of the Scout Adult Training Scheme. 

Areas covered: 

  • The elements of the programme for each section and the importance of a quality programme for young people 
  • How to combine face-to-face with online programme in Covid times 
  • The importance of reviewing your programme to improve quality 
  • The Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme and how you can benefit from and support it in your role. 
  • The importance of Youth Shaped Scouting and tools you can use to involve your young people in planning and reviewing the programme. 


To sign up, please e-mail our County Training Administrator –  

To find out what other training we have available, go to  

If you feel that you already have the appropriate skills and knowledge covered in this course, but haven’t yet validated it, please get in touch with your Training Adviser.  To validate the module you should be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of all the areas covered in the training (discuss the Check Your Knowledge grid on Page 31 and 32 of the Adult Personal File). 

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