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Tender open to provide D of E in our County (NOW CLOSED)

Date: 3rd Feb 2020 Author: Robert

Tender for D of E Provision for Scouts Hereford & Worcester

We want our Scouts Hereford & Worcester D of E programme provided directly by us to grow within our youth membership. Thus, giving all Scout Districts within Herefordshire and Worcestershire equal and inclusive access for all young people who wish to engage with the D of E programme. In some parts of our Scouts County we have great provision, in others we do not. The reasons for this vary from who provides it, the perception of how to complete it through to areas in our Scouts County who already have strong sponsorship within Schools. However, despite various biases in each of these areas there are varying sizes of young people who want to complete their D of E in Scouting, in its entirety. We want to support them all, in the best way we can with the resources available to us.  We also want our members to achieve their top awards, for some the D of E route is easier or it is of benefit to help them on their journey.

Similarly, it has been a request to improve our D of E provision by our young people following a recent Explorer Scout County Survey.  There are many ways of running D of E and in order to make the best decision, we have decided to go public and ask any interested parties, who may wish to administer and where appropriate deliver the D of E programme, to apply. You do not need to be in Scouting to apply for this tender.

Visit here:

Tender for D of E Provision for Scouts Hereford & Worcester

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