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Governance Audit

Date: 23rd Mar 2019 Author: Robert

Supporting Governance in the County

Scouting is full of unique, wonderful and dedicated people. We bring a vast and diverse pool of talent, experience and precious time to give to our young members. Everything we do must be in the interests of our young people, whilst appreciating the motivation and needs of the adults.

A number of projects and initiatives have been started and members invited to discuss and engage with the County teams. This format cascades into districts then groups. In any change, as we examine the cause and effect of our provision, we are finding great support and dedication. In some small cases, we have identified areas where groups and on occasion districts are failing to meet good governance. With the best intentions, these cases muddle through or in some cases causes catastrophic failure or legal proceedings. On the whole such cases are small, nonetheless, they exist.

The Scout County is there to support and to ensure that we are compliant in our own policy, rules and organisational requirements.  We want to support districts and groups that the governance we all provide is suitable and appropriate. We need to ensure our records held are true. That our membership database, which is used as a governance process, accurately reflects what is happening in the County. Also, that our diligence under the various requirements as trustees is correct and appropriately supported. We wish to ensure that we provide the best support we can.

Therefore, we are commencing a County Audit. We require your support to ensure that we are all fully compliant and treat this in the best way- the Scouting way! The audit needs to be completed honestly so we can direct or bolster the appropriate support where it may be needed. We need your group and district to complete the attached audit form and send it back to: by the 1st May 2019

The form, should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. The results of which will indicate whether the records we hold are accurate. That the process being followed are appropriate and comply with POR.

This process is being implemented for the County’s own governance of Districts. It is also occurring to understand, then provide the support to enable groups to achieve a suitable position. However, we appreciate the majority of groups are already successfully compliant. This audit will naturally confirm this. We are not using this process, as some may fear, as a way to remove or change management in groups. We are purely doing this to ensure we are effective and operating to good governance. Where areas need support, we can identify these and offer suitable direction and advice.

The form is simply designed for ease. If you do not have the information because no actions have been undertaken or there is no data available then the response would be N/A or none. The data will be held and used for the purposes of managing Scouting in the County. Please include your executive committee in this process.

You can access and download the form here: 

Once again, “Thank you” for your commitment to Scouting. I look forward to receiving your responses.

Yours in Scouting,

Robert Sidley
County Commissioner

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