Resources to support adult training modules

You’ll find links and resources here to back up the training you’ve completed as an adult volunteer in Scouting.

General resources you may be referred to in a training course:

The Scout Association website

POR – The Scout Association – Policy, Organisation and Rules Link

Compass – The Scout Association Membership System Link

Adults Personal File for Section Leader (2019 version)

Appointment Forms

Hereford and Worcester County website  (you’re on it!)

Hereford and Worcester Training course programme

Young People First:  Code of Practice (Yellow Card).

Scouting for All (7)

Black Lives Matter information for Black History Month

The Scouts Equal Opportunities Policy

A whole host of information from The Scouts website on how we can support Scouting for All.

You may consider signing up for Module 36 – Adjustments to Scouts for ongoing learning – more information on this Module can be found here.

Scouting History – when did Scouting admit girls?

Scouting History – how has Scouting supported young people with disabilities through its history?

Learning about intersectionality

Scouts Parent/Carer Conversation Framework

How to support transgender young people in Scouting

How to support LGBTQA+

World Scouting – HeforShe Initiative

Pack from Val discussed at course on 28/10/20 Module 7 – resource pack

Administration (11)

This page on The Scouts website has all sorts of information to help you with administration.

Information about completing the Scout census.

Different information forms we use for adults joining Scouting.

Information on disclosure checks.

Data Protection and GDPR

Information on Accounts and Finances.

Unity Insurance Services (Scouts Insurance Services)

Information about Scout Insurance –…/insomniacs_guide_Sept_2010.pdf

The learning for Module 11 can be completed by workbook, which is available here.

The slides from the module delivered on 7th Sept 2020 are here: Administration – 11

Delivering a Quality Programme (12A)

All about the Programme

Information about Scout Network

Information about Young Leaders.

Quality Programme Checker

All about Youth Shaped Scouting

Climbing Wall of Youth Involvement

A Guide to Supporting Young People on Committees

Adapting badges and awards to be more inclusive

Key messages for Managers and Supporters re Youth Involvement

Key messages for Section Leaders re Youth Involvement

Slide deck from training on 16th September – sorry, this file was too large to upload (because of the embedded videos) – if you’d like the slide deck, please let Mel Brammer know and I’ll get it to you.

Module 12B – Programme Planning

Community Impact Video

Quality programme checkers

Example of Beaver term programme

Example of Cub term programme

Example of Scout term programme

Example of Explorers term programme

Climbing wall of youth involvement

Programme methods chart

Template for Term Programme

Template for Evening Programme

Module 12B slide deck from course on 7th October 2020

Module 13 – Growing the Section

Opportunities to Grow

All the information on about growth, recruitment and retention

Active Recruitment factsheet (adults and young people)

Promotional Posters

Recruitment and Retention of Adults

Lots of excellent resources and guidance on recruiting and retaining adults

Information about Appointments

Some great information on recruiting parent helpers to leaders even during the pandemic!

Factsheet on running a recruitment event (a bit out of date)


The Review Process

Recruitment and Retention of Young people

Managing Joining Lists

Links between the sections

Using schools to aid growth – including materials for assemblies

Planning for Growth

Here’s the slide deck I used for this training on 19th October 2020: Module 13

Module 14 – Supporting Young People

Young People First: Code of Practice (Yellow Card)

guidance related to life issues

anti-bullying guidance and resources

policy and guidance on safeguarding

guidance on additional needs

Scouting Speaks to all: A leader’s guide to speech, language and communication needs

My Body, My Choice – resource for Explorer Scouts and Leaders

Stay Safe leaflets for each Section – no longer available as a printed leaflet but still able to be downloaded from “How can I best communicate…” on this page.

Staying Safe online guidance

Information about Scouts Wellbeing Champions campaign

The learning for this module can also be done by completing this workbook.

Further information on all the areas covered in this training:

Supporting Young People 14 slide deck used in course on 23rd Sept 2020

Module 15 – Promoting Positive Behaviour

Guidance on Promoting Positive Behaviour

POR Chapter 2: Equal Opportunities

POR Chapter 15: Suspensions and Dismissals

Guidance on additional needs

Additional needs directory

Scouting Speaks to All: A Leaders Guide to Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

Module 17 – Running Safe Activities

Information on Scouts website about Risk Assessments.

Scouts InTouch procedure factsheet

Information and Guidance on Adult Groups in Adventurous Activities in Scouting

Scout Practical Tips on Safety

Applicants’ Guide to Nights Away permit scheme

Applicants’ Guide to Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme

Purple Card -Safe Scouting and What to do in an Emergency

Safety Checklist for Leaders

Scout A-Z of activities

Powerpoint used in the training: Module 17

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